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What participants from Dr.Ramya's other programs say

" I was looking at restarting my professional journey after a 7 year long break. It was due to us having moved multiple countries and an extended maternity break that I was on a career break. When I started looking out I realised I was stuck – stuck on what to do and how to begin ? 

I was totally blank. That’s when I started looking up my network and reached out to Ramya . That one phone call changed everything. After speaking to her I enrolled in the course “Redesign your Career”. I literally went back to the drawing board. Some of the best things of the course is that it breaks a lot of myths, makes you think out of the box breaking the linear path we all tend to ...

- Gopika Lall ( Digital Marketing Consultant, Navya Care ) 

" Ramya's group coaching sessions were something I used to look forward to for many reasons. One of the primary ones being that Ramya brings in a high level of integrity and that led to a very high level of trust within the group.

She has this way of creating a safe reflective space while also getting to the heart of the issues that were brought to the table by us participants. Another was the diversity of the group. 

 These coaching sessions generated rich focused discussions bringing in multiple perspectives. The issues we discussed ranged from dealing with self and family/friends to ...

- Divya Thampi (Emotional Wellness & Mid-Career Coach) 

" The program was lovely, to put it in a nutshell! I joined at a time when I had a lot of doubt of what I was doing, particularly why it did not seem to leave me energized. I was doing a lot but also struggling to clarify if I needed a change. If yes, I had no idea how to go about it.

The program led to a very structured shift in mind set. I'm doing the same work, possibly more now, but am nearly never overwhelmed and at more peace with myself. 

 My key takeaways from the program were that it is not only possible but also easy to change our mindset and approach to things! It requires a commitment to place our...

- Gauri Bharat (Lecturer, CEPT University) 

“ The experience was completely worth it! The program led to some fundamental reorientation within, that I continue to carry and feel 6 months since. A specific contribution from the learning method is the quality of discussion and the creation of a space of psychological safety, which was conducive to develop and retain these perspectives and actually move the needle in terms of learning.


3 things I have been applying since the program are - 

- Supriya Madhavan, Corporate HRBP & Lead L&D, Zydus Wellness Ltd 

"The journey with Ramya Ma'am has been immensely blissful and transformative, filled with wonderful interactive moments. Its been a real delight listening to her and engaging with her throughout. She is truly a warm, beautiful, inspirational soul and a talented personality who gradually immerses us into our own life moments with her stories,analogies and playful exercises. Through her excellent communication skills, I was able to unravel so much through the enlightening self-discovery process by connecting the dots of my life experiences. The deliverables for me have been a fresh outlook to life and some very useful life reframes and approaches to guide me for journeys ahead. I feel I am a better version of myself already and...

- Sankalp Abhishek, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to CEO, National Health Authority

“Ramya is extremely knowledgeable in her fields of coaching and facilitation. In her modalities, Ramya can back it with scientific research and left brain alternative healing approach with equal flair so you can have the best of both worlds. She is also gifted with sharp and quick observation skills to read between the lines of the cases that clients bring up and that helps her to get to the root cause of the problem of the client and give valuable insights which she ...

– Isha Gada, Learning Management System Consultant, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energising, seeding ideas about positive psychology and how one can use different tools to lead the team while enjoying every bit of life. It has really given me a new insight and energy to manage personal and professional life. I strongly recommend this training to all who wish to make life more enjoyable and stress free.”

-Dr. Sharad D Mankumare, Director, RSL, Pharmacopeia, India Pvt Ltd

Dr Ramya's facilitation involves doing deep work in a light hearted manner. Her reframing style and  insights gained were truly wonderful. The beauty of the program is such that it is relevant and suitable for people at any stage of their career and life. 
It is truly a transformational program and has elements of inner work and outer work integrated beautifully.
I wish I had done this program in my early twenties , my life would have been very different by now. 

-Deepti Panuganti, Marketing Consultant, AyurUniverse ·

“What do I mention about Ramya. All of us had key takeaways from not only what was taught in the sessions but from Ramya’s own journey so far. No, she does not believe in monologue and slides. She makes you retrospect and think, learn from the past and execute in the present. And do not be surprised if a few exercises stir emotions because she energizes you to self-discover and reaffirm your purpose of life.”

-Tanvi Indra, HR Business Excellence Lead, Novartis

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