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What our former Superbloom Fellows from the program say


"Attending the SuperBloom Fellows program had a very positive influence in my life. I am an Engineer raising two kids and constantly juggling between family and work. The course helped me understand the way our brain works and how it processes emotions and stress. It forced me to assess the factors contributing to stress in my life, dig deep into my fears, strengths and weaknesses, dreams and aspirations. I came out of it with a tool box that can help me navigate both personal and professional life with mindful awareness. I highly recommend the course to any one who is willing to understand human behavior and wants to apply this to live enriched life." 

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 Anu Arun 

Principal Engineer, II-VI Incorporated

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What participants from Dr.Ramya's other programs say

" I was looking at restarting my professional journey after a 7 year long break. It was due to us having moved multiple countries and an extended maternity break that I was on a career break. When I started looking out I realised I was stuck – stuck on what to do and how to begin ? 

I was totally blank. That’s when I started looking up my network and reached out to Ramya . That one phone call changed everything. After speaking to her I enrolled in the course “Redesign your Career”. I literally went back to the drawing board. Some of the best things of the course is that it breaks a lot of myths, makes you think out of the box breaking the linear path we all tend to ...

 Gopika Lall 

Digital Marketing Consultant, Navya Care

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