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" I was looking at restarting my professional journey after a 7 year long break. It was due to us having moved multiple countries and an extended maternity break that I was on a career break. When I started looking out I realised I was stuck – stuck on what to do and how to begin ? 

I was totally blank. That’s when I started looking up my network and reached out to Ramya . That one phone call changed everything. After speaking to her I enrolled in the course “Redesign your Career”. I literally went back to the drawing board. Some of the best things of the course is that it breaks a lot of myths, makes you think out of the box breaking the linear path we all tend to take and explore options you never thought even exist. 

Ramya is an excellent facilitator and an evolved and mature mentor. Her vast experience comes to fore by her nudging you to push yourself but never imposing her view or thoughts on you. By the end of the course, I had so much clarity on what I wanted to do and how I could create it. In Ramya’s words -‘you have to create your own path or work’. 

I followed Ramya’s advise to the T consciously removing biases, opening up my horizons, self introspecting , constantly iterating and believing in myself that it’s never too late to do something u really want to do . 

Thank you Ramya for this and for resdesigning my career and getting me back on the professional journey. "

- Gopika Lall ( Digital Marketing Consultant, Navya Care ) 

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