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Program Tuition

Tuition for the 1-year program is USD $2,500 and due before the first Module. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Detailed payment information will be included with the invoice Fellows receive upon acceptance to the program. In the interest of curating a valuable cohort, we will admit based on a short 15 minutes interview of the nominees. 

Payment is due within 07 days of the invoice date, or upon receipt of the invoice if admission is within 30 days of the start of the Program. 

We offer a limited amount of needs-based scholarships that cover a portion of the tuition fee. A scholarship application will be sent upon request by email to

Request for Sponsorship

Begin your Superbloom journey with this courageous conversation

Dear …..,


As you know, I am always looking for opportunities {to grow in my role as —- / to progress to the position of —-}


I am excited to share this new program I have been recommended. It is called Superbloom Fellows and is focussed on supporting me to become a better {role}/achieve my goal of {role}.


It will be a year-long, selective cohort based course which aims to provide —— {pick a takeaway this program may give you - your personal intent and reason in wanting to be a Fellow}. 

It also gives me ample scope to network with others {in similar fields}/{cross-functional roles} which is beneficial for not just me but our entire organisation.


{If you want to use a specific current case in your field where you feel this program would help you}

This program could provide me with tools and insights to tackle —--


Please check out the link to the program on what it offers in terms of content, community building and peripheral program with excellent role-models and access to new networks. This program allows for sponsors to cover the full cost of the program and be part of this journey of their nominee. 


Aiding me in this endeavour would be a great opportunity to showcase {your}/{the organisation’s name} commitment in mentoring and encouraging women and/or diversity. You can nominate me here


I hope I can count on you to support me in my growth by being my sponsor. 


Warm regards,

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