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Superbloom Studios is founded on the thesis that framing problems through an inclusive lens leads to the design of products that tap into latent potential, creating new markets.


Superbloom Studios provides product designers and builders with the latest and best in class data and analytics, intertwined with marketing and communication elements that accelerate growth.


Superbloom’s mission is to build products and services that  positively impacts a million underestimated lives by March 08, 2025. 


Current projects include a people management platform that has inbuilt transparency and acknowledgement systems; project on levelling the field and reducing the gender data gap and various coaching and training programs geared towards inclusive leadership.

Superbloom was founded by three best friends and college classmates from the preeminent Institute of Technology in India

(IIT Madras) who have since gone on to be:  "Hall of Fame'' awardee AI/ML and IoT expert, Dr. Raji Baskaran (Portland, USA); an astute business woman with an Harvard Business School MBA, Ms. Aruna Seshadri (Bangalore. India); and a multicultural, polyglot, software manager turned cross-cultural coach and marketing/communication expert, Ms. Kalaivani Mattern (Ludwigsburg, Germany). 


The founders share decades of lived experience and are very diverse in their fields of expertise, not to mention collaborating while living and working on three different continents. This provides them with a unique frame of reference for a successful global venture.

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