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Our Vision

Our Superbloom Fellows program was envisioned to build a community of leaders who can bring their authentic self to work, be it in a corporate or an entrepreneurial world. Our founding philosophy towards building value-driven leadership skills is, in equal parts, understanding and mastering one's inner self as well as building tools and techniques to reflect on the outer world. In this annual fellowship program we would assemble a cohort of women ready to own their ambition and commit to act on it. 

We encourage our Fellows to bring their authentic self to the learning and assist them in mastering their innerselves. We also provide coaching and training for the Fellows to get reinforcements from the external world around them. One specific differentiation of our program, is that we strongly believe it takes visionary sponsors to help the external world see the changes our Fellows are bringing about in their leadership roles. Hence we also provide tools for the sponsors and mentors of our Fellows in the second half of the program. This is a great tangible way for organizations to grow women leaders.

A group of women of all ages and ethnicities discussing around a table
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