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Bloom & Be Seen

An Inside Out Approach to Leadership

Program Top

Course Design


Sensemaking, Subjective Reality & Inner Critic


Managing Stress and Fear of Failure


Values, Purpose, Strengths & Goals


Building Your Unique Personal Brand


An Inside Out Approach to Authentic Self Promotion


Building Resilience & Creating Support Systems


Own Your Ambition

(September 01, 2023 - February 29, 2024)

6 months of intensive learning, reflection, prototyping and coaching.

Superbloom fellows will continue to have access to the entire program for a year, allowing to go back and refresh your/one’s learnings, lookup tools and apply them as required.

Program Design Down


Building Community and your network - Dr. Beth Duckles


Surviving in a Man’s world - Ms.Ivannia Martinez


Authentic Leadership

- Ms. Preethi and Ms. Pratyusha 


How your values set your leadership framework - Ms. Yvonne Lutsch


A celebratory session to mark the end of the program - Ms. Anabelle “Bee” Baumann

Topics (2022-23)

Courageous Conversations

(March 01, 2024 - May 31, 2024)

This part of the program focuses on peer support and mentoring circles. We have prominent guest speakers on board to host panels,

fireside chats, and share their valuable experiences with our Fellows. Space will be provided to discuss and stay in touch with the cohort and the accountability pods (small teams).

Nomination window open till : 15 Aug, 2023

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It’s true that women in Leadership positions are battling against a tsunami of implicit and explicit biases that are working against them. 

It’s true that society and corporate culture has created glass ceilings which are discriminatory in nature.

Working Woman

Both of these need to change and the change is definitely underway!

Yet, these are only the disadvantages that come from the outer world.


How about the disadvantages that women face in their inner worlds?


We are all products of our upbringing and socialization - our brains the products of implicit and explicit conditioning.


Our inner world runs on an operating system of beliefs, ideas, fears and priorities that have been passed on to us when we were children. Our brain can only work with the mental models and expectations that it has been programmed with, and much of this programming has occurred at a subconscious level. Unfortunately, this programming of our minds is just as biased and faulty as the biases and prejudices we see outside in society. Rather, much of the biases in our minds would have been shaped by the biases present in the culture and social system that were present when we were children. 

Blue Water

Is it possible at all to re-program, rewire and upgrade these subconscious limiting beliefs, mental models, and outdated fears?

The answer is a RESOUNDING YES!


This program has been crafted especially for ambitious women who know in their hearts and conscious minds that they have every right to dream and aspire big. For women who would like to align all their faculties - heart, conscious mind, subconscious mind, and behavioural patterns - to make big and bold strides towards their dreams.


This one year program is a blend of lessons, coaching sessions, reflective activities, prototyping challenges, guest lectures, mentoring circles and peer support that has been designed to create transformational inside - out changes.

An unknown bias, fear, limiting belief or inner critique inside our mind is actually way more dangerous, than a known one. Just because we are unaware of a certain aspect in our subconscious programming it does not mean that those thoughts do not impact our choices, actions and behaviours. Rather it sometimes impacts us in even more powerful ways than our conscious thoughts often can. 

Women at the office

Tricky, as it might seem to work with the aspects of our inner worlds and past conditioning, the good news is that there are tried and tested tools through which it can be done. Crafting our inner worlds is an ongoing journey of mastery - one that theoretically never ends. Yet even small levels of change in the inner world can open gates for transformational results in the outer world. 

Superblooming your career is 60% inner work and 40% outer work, and the design of this program reflects that principle. 

Inner World Mastery

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Awareness of limiting beliefs, inner critiques, judgments, biases and outdated performance models


Creating a



Creating a purposeful and powerful vision - one that is aligned with your core values and also one that leads you to draw into the most resourceful parts of yourself.

Managing fears.png




Understanding, identifying and working with different types of fears, including the fear of failure.





Crafting a self image that you can leverage as a platform for your career goals rather than one that imprisons you. Granting yourself internal permission for authentic self promotion that is integral to a win-win paradigm.

breaking patterns_edited.jpg

Breaking Patterns


Unhooking from suboptimal, unhealthy or sabotaging patterns like validation chasing, praise seeking, conformity and criticism avoidance. 


Cultivating Resilience


Cultivating internal resilience to keep you going despite external challenges, setbacks, discouragement or failure.

Outer World Adventures





Learning to and setting goals in a way that they actually work for you, rather than stress and sabotage your wellbeing or sustainable progress. 


Stretching Oneself


Stretching oneself beyond the past comfort zone and practicing various aspects of communication like difficult conversations, dissenting viewpoints or self promotion.





Learning to sense the onset of fear and practicing taking action despite the presence of the fears when needed.


Setting Boundaries


Learning to identify stressors and manage them. Practicing setting of boundaries and communicating them.


Seeking Feedback


Seeking feedback proactively and learning to interpret and use it as information relevant to the situation fit, rather than as self criticism.


Building Relationships


Building outer resilience through mindful building of relationships and networks that will give you the support that you need in difficult times.

This program will empower women to

Smiling woman
  • Share divergent opinions and unique ideas confidently

  • Deal masterfully with criticism and judgment 

  • Ask questions boldly and give honest feedback 

  • Communicate, influence, and engage in difficult conversations 

  • Use their power of purpose to overcome their inner  (and outer) critiques.

  • Lead from a place of authentic strength-based self-image

  • Build Inner and outer resources to champion their dreams and visions with resilience

FOUNDATION PHASE:   September 01, 2023 - February 29, 2024

FLOURISHING PHASE:   March 01, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Nomination Deadline:  15 August, 2023

PROGRAM START DATE:  September 01, 2023 

Important Dates
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