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“ The experience was completely worth it! The program led to some fundamental reorientation within, that I continue to carry and feel 6 months since. A specific contribution from the learning method is the quality of discussion and the creation of a space of psychological safety, which was conducive to develop and retain these perspectives and actually move the needle in terms of learning.


3 things I have been applying since the program are - 


1. Begin by solving for the problem / need / brief. Constraints can be addressed once the core need is established & possible leads identified. This has truly helped me de-clutter priorities and decisions on both the professional & personal front (‘Labels’ introduced for clarity only)


2. There is no 1 ideal / charted/prescribed method to solving any problem 


While I was planning for a PhD / career in academia, I also knew I would want to have a child - But was I prepared for it? How would I handle the rigor of an intensive academic routine and caring for an infant? These happen to bother me to this day.


But i am clear on not doing either of them just because I or my family have set in some constraints. I would like to do both at my own pace and positively manage both. 

Both these are organic processes and don’t operate with a start and stop date. I could pace up or down depending on my ability to handle things real time. In other words I would manage the constraints as they occur & not base my solution of deferring / not opting for PhD or a child.


This clarity and self-assured stand is my most important takeaway from the course 


3. Grokking - Have become a lifelong proponent of this :)


I took the advise and decided to look for RA options which led me to what I do part-time now (& oh so thoroughly enjoy!). I wake up to weekends when I spend 3-4 hours working on a specific problem as one of the minions or just trying to read / look up my own problem to demystify. Reads more romantic than it is, but I do enjoy the intellectual rush which is very frequent if not continuous. 


Most Importantly, I am actually getting a flavour of the kind of life I can expect which is very enlightening and beneficial. I am networking, meeting the right people and developing my own perspective. 


I have mentioned some specific bits here but the complete experience was most helpful and totally worth it!. 

- Supriya Madhavan, Corporate HRBP & Lead L&D, Zydus Wellness Ltd 

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