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" Ramya's group coaching sessions were something I used to look forward to for many reasons. One of the primary ones being that Ramya brings in a high level of integrity and that led to a very high level of trust within the group. 


She has this way of creating a safe reflective space while also getting to the heart of the issues that were brought to the table by us participants. Another was the diversity of the group. 

 These coaching sessions generated rich focused discussions bringing in multiple perspectives. The issues we discussed ranged from dealing with self and family/friends to managing work related challenges. 

Her facilitation allowed participants to be open and vulnerable. It was also a great combination of discussions and curated reflective activities. I would highly recommend this for anyone keen to grow personally and professionally.   

The things that really stood out to me were:

– Many of the insights that Ramya shared, came from her practising the ideas in her own life, thus making her sharing authentic and powerful.
– Her ability to create a safe and warm space for self-exploration and introspection.
– Despite her expertise, she was honouring of every participant’s thoughts, feelings and life experiences.
– Her effective yet gentle way of guiding and encouraging people to explore beliefs and discourses.
– Her ability to make connections between concepts across different disciplines, thus adding far more value through the sessions.
– Her contagious energy and personal warmth! 

Thank you Ramya! Your commitment to your own inner growth while helping others grow, made these sessions rich in more ways than one! "

- Divya Thampi (Emotional Wellness & Mid-Career Coach) 

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